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14 Easter Bunny Decorating Ideas

In need of some Easter bunny ideas to make your homestead Easter ready? If you want some decoration ideas that include the Easter bunny you’ve come to the right place.

14 Easter Bunny Decorating Ideas

Easter is just around the corner and it’s sad to say, “I’m not ready yet.” I do my best to have the homestead ready with Easter decorations but this year, a lot has come up and I’m just starting to get ready. One thing I make sure to always have is the Easter rabbit. I can’t imagine celebrating Easter without one or two of those little critters. So if you also want to decorate your homestead with Easter rabbits, take your pick from this list.

Hide an easter bunny around the homestead for a fun game to play with the kids as you build up for Easter day!

1. DIY Rustic Easter Bunnies

image source

Go rustic and try this idea you can make from burlap sack.


2. Adorable Easter Egg Bunny

image via Urbane Jane

Is it an Easter Egg or an Easter Bunny? You decide. I know for sure that it will only take 10 seconds to make. Get the tutorial here.


3. Bunny Door Hanger

image via Keleas

Complete your Easter decor by hanging this colorful wreath on your door. It’s just what you need. Check it out here.


4. Bunny Wreath

image source

Just in case you don’t want your door hanger made of wood, take this as your inspiration.


Want to raise your own rabbits? It’s a very rewarding pastime!

Learn More: Homesteading Guide To Raising Rabbits

Buy the guide here.


5. Geo-Bunny Wall Art

image via Twine & Table

Your decor shouldn’t just be for Easter. This wall art idea is something you can hang all year long. Tutorial here.


6. No-Sew Pottery Barn Inspired Bunny Banner

image via Atta Girl Says

Make it a party by making your own no sew bunny banner. I’m sure you’ll love it!


7. Needle Felt Bunny Rabbit

image via Make & Fable

Aren’t they just the cutest? See how you can make them by needle felting.


8. Easter Bunny Balloons

image via Design Improvised

Now that you have the banners up, it’s time for the balloons! Get the instructions here.


9. Sock Rabbit

Want to try a sewing project for Easter? This is it!


10. Spring Bunny Crochet Planter Cover

image via The Inspired Wren

Decorate even your planters with this crochet planter cover idea.


11. Skinny Bunnies

image via Saw Dust Sanity

Made out of fence posts, they’ll look stunning in your front porch. See it here.


12. Cuddly Fabric Bunnies

image via Hobby Craft

Kids will love these guys. Take the time and make a couple with this tutorial.


13. Moss Covered Easter Bunny

image via My Pinterventures

Add a little pottery barn hack to your Easter decor with this DIY tutorial.


14. Origami Rabbit

image via Paper Kawaii

But when all you have is paper, you can still decorate by following this origami rabbit tutorial. 


Still want more? Add this decorative pom pom Easter bunny to the mix with this video tutorial from Troom Troom:


What Easter bunny decorations will you try for your homestead? Let us know below in the comments.

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