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35 Cold Weather Hacks to Keep You Cozy This Winter

Being too cold for winter is a thing of the past with these cold weather hacks. From insulation to mittens, you’ll find an idea that will have you feeling warm in no time!

Cold Weather Hacks To Help You Stay Warm Inside And Out

If winter weather is getting you down, try out these cold-weather hacks to keep you nice and toasty even during the coldest winter storms. Repurpose things on hand or find super cheap items to use for these winter hacks. Learn how to de-ice your car and outdoor steps naturally, keep the chill out of your home with household items, and other little tips and tricks to keep you warm and cozy this season. Use these old tips and new techniques to keep warm and safe during the cold. Some of these are tried, tested, and absolutely effective in my homestead. So better read each hack and find out what suits you best!


1. Fight Off Common Winter Cold And Flu Bouts The Natural (And Frugal) Way

image via Homesteading

Don’t go to the pharmacy just yet. Get to know some effective home remedies for cold and flu from this list. They’re all natural and won’t even break the bank.


2. Make Recycled Sweater Mittens

image via DIY Projects

Make your very own pair of cozy recycled sweater mittens. It’s an easy project you won’t have to spend a dime on.


3. Waterproof Canvas Shoes With Wax

image via DIY Projects

You don’t have to stash your canvas shoes in the closet this winter. They’ll be waterproof and winter-ready as long as you follow this easy tutorial on how to waterproof canvas shoes with wax.


4. Light Up Some Candles

image via DIY Projects

Light up some candles to add heat while cutting down on the electric bill. It’s also a great way to set the mood and you don’t need to buy candles, because you can easily DIY your own.


5. Make Your Bike Tires Winter-Ready With Zip Ties

image via Bike Stylish

Anyone who has ever tried to use their bike in the winter will tell you the snow can be very slippery, that’s why they sometimes just don’t use it at all. You don’t have to go the same way with this amazing bicycle winter hack.


6. Keep Warm With A Cup Of Delicious Hot Chocolate

Make the best cup of hot chocolate with this scrumptious recipe. You can never go wrong with winter hot chocolate. The warm feeling will be almost instantaneous.


7. Use Old Quilts As Curtains To Help Keep The Heat Inside

Use old quilts as curtains to help keep the heat inside! If you’ve got thicker quilts, all the better, they can be perfect window curtains to ward off the cold that surrounds your windows. An energy saving hack that fits my homestead!


8. Dead Battery Hand Warmer

image via Instructables

Use ‘dead’ alkaline batteries’ last bit of energy as a hand warmer. Create this awesome low powered hand warmer with this very easy tutorial. Don’t forget to take note of the safety warnings!


9. Make Your Own Winter Windshield Washer Fluid

image via Fabulessly Frugal

Mix one cup water, two quarts rubbing alcohol, and one teaspoon dishwashing detergent. Mix everything and you’ll be good to wash your windshield during winter.


10. Putting A Layer Of Tinfoil Against The Wall Will Reflect The Heat Back Into The Room

image via smartgreenshop

If you’ve got a wall-mounted radiator or heater, place a layer of tinfoil opposite the wall. This will help reproduce the heat into the room. Be careful not to use anything else that can cause a fire!


11. Screw Some Screws On The Sole Of Your Shoes To Keep You From Slipping

image via Through A Running Lens

The screws will help you gain traction in the slippery snow. Just be careful not to have the screws exposed in the sole, they might hurt you.


12. Use Pipe Insulation As Draft Blockers

image via Instructables

Don’t let frosty air get inside your house by using pipe insulation to fill in the gaps. It’s so easy, I keep on wondering why I didn’t think about it first.


13. Stick Your Windshield Wipers In The Air And Cover Them With Old Socks

image via Cool Rides Online

Stick your windshield wipers in the air and cover them with old socks, this way your wipers won’t stick to your windows. Simple yet ingenious!


14. Terra Cotta Pot Heater

This baby terra cotta pot heater can heat up an entire room. All you need is a clay pot, large stones, and some candles.


15. Cut Out Wool Insoles For Extra Warmth

image via Maya Made

Make these easy DIY wool insoles for toasty toes all throughout winter. You won’t have to worry about getting frostbite or cold feet again. Not unless you’re getting married!


16. Make Sweater Socks Out Of Old Thick Sweater

image via home sweet soul

I can imagine myself wearing these sweater socks on a cold winter day, in front of my fireplace, with hot chocolate in hand. I want to make a pair for everyone in my family!



17. Use A Lighter And Your Key To Thaw A Frozen Lock

image via Martha Stewart

Locks can freeze during winter too. Ensure you won’t get locked out by doing this little trick with your lock and key. Though, you have remind yourself to keep a lighter in your bag or anywhere accessible every time you get out.


18. Make Your Own Hand Warmers In 5 Minutes

image via Instructables

Learn how to make hand warmers in just 5 minutes! Quick and simple, but will keep your fingers toasty for up to an hour with this very easy tutorial.


19. Keep A Car Mat Nearby

Keeping a car mat in your truck will come in handy and very useful in case your tires need traction. You’ll never know when your winter tires will still need a little help.


20. Open The Curtains When The Sun Is Out

This may seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes even we homesteaders forget to try the simplest things first! Utilizing natural energy is the cheapest way to keep warm during winter.


21. Run Your Ceiling Fan On Low And Spin It Clockwise

Run your ceiling fan on low and spin it clockwise, doing this will push the warm air that rises to the ceiling back down to you. Do this a couple of times to warm the room up.


22. Leave The Oven Door Open After Baking Your Goodies

Make use of the oven warmth by leaving the oven door open after baking all your winter goodies. This will give you a burst of warm and delicious-smelling air.


23. Insulate Using Running Tights Or Pantyhose

Layering up doesn’t always mean adding lots of bulk. It’s about quality, not quantity! Do this and you won’t have to skip your morning run for the winter.


24. Close Unused Rooms To Help Contain The Heat In One Area

It’s hard to heat up a room if all the doors and windows are open, right? Use the same concept with this cold weather hack. If your whole family’s just staying in just one room, close everywhere else down.


25. Park Facing East

By facing east, the sun will melt the frost and do a lot of your snow removal work for you. That’s letting Mother Nature take care of you.


26. Waterproof Your Socks By Putting A Sandwich Bag Over Them

I bet I’m not the only one who hates the feeling of wet socks. This hack will surely take care of it. Simply put a sandwich bag on top of your socks. Who knows you may even try this idea even if it’s not winter.


27. Shovel Hack

Shoveling some snow on cold winter days seems like a monstrous task, yet it is helpful, especially if this is done in your driveway. To make it easier, spray your shovel with silicone-based lubricant or nonstick cooking spray. This will help prevent snow from sticking.


28. Broom For Light Snow

Now that you know how to properly use your shovel, here’s another one. Sweep light snow away with a broom rather than a shovel. Why? It will be less the effort and the broom will also ensure you get all the light snow.


29. Tin Foil Cleaner

Use a tin foil as a fireplace cleaner. Simply place a two-fold layer of tin foil at the base of your fireplace before you start a fire. Once the fire dies out, all you need to do is to pull out the ash-covered tin foil and toss it.


30. Warm Water Bottles

If you want to ensure a nice and toasty bed without spending a cent on electricity, place a couple of warm water bottles on your bed a few minutes before going to tucking yourself in. This will prepare your bed to give you a warm and comfortable sleep during cold winter nights.


31. Rubbing Alcohol And Dishwashing Liquid Are Great Salt Alternatives

If your salt supply is not enough to defrost your walkway, combine 1 teaspoon of rubbing alcohol, dishwashing liquid, and 1/2 gallon of hot water, then splash it onto your walkways to dissolve the ice.


32. Use Orange Skin As Fire Starters

Orange peels make great fire starters because its skin contains some oil. To store, lightly toast the peels in a pan and put them in a container or paper bag, and include a pack of silica to hold its freshness.


33. Maximize The Use Of Your Water After You Shower

Don’t let your warm bath water go down the drain. Keep the water in the tub until it comes to room temperature to keep your place warm and add much-needed humidity.


34. Dry Up Your Wet Shoes With Microfiber Towels

If your shoes get really wet, stuff them with those super-absorbent microfiber towels to get the cold out quickly! So keep microfiber towels handy.


35. Place Rugs Or Carpet On The Floor And Avoid Heat Loss

If you’re short on rugs but have old quilts or blankets these can work too. Just place some rubber no slide mats under the quilts or blankets to avoid accidents.


Need more winter life hacks? Get more here from HouseholdHacker!

Keeping warm and toasty this winter doesn’t take a lot of money and effort. With these cold weather hacks, you’ll have a more comfortable time at home or on the road. Just keep these tips and tricks in mind and if you have some time, go ahead and get started with the DIY projects!

Do you have any other cold weather hacks you’d like to share? Leave them in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in December 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.