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Zip Tie Tire Treads For Biking In Snow | Winter Safety Tips

Don’t get caught in the snow! Create your own tire treads with zip ties for easy biking whatever the weather.

—This post is courtesy of DiyReady. (Original publish date January 5, 2016), Shared with permission—

Zip Tie Tire Treads For Biking In Snow | Winter Safety Tips

Snowpocalypse has descended on cities all across America. Canada’s a goner. Most cyclists will be deterred by snowy roads and treacherous ice slicks. However, if you’re one of the few brave (i.e. stubborn)  souls who bikes come rain, shine or blizzard, then it’s important to properly winterize your two-wheeled steed.

If you’re unwilling to shell out the big bucks for studded snow tires, then this may you best alternative bet: zip ties.

Yep, these super cheap plastic ties can help give your bike wheels the traction they need to traverse fallen snow and other inclement weather. Will they look ridiculous? According to Fritz Rice of Dutch Bike Co, yes they most certainly will.

But it’s better to be safe than cool (if you can’t manage both!). Fritz recommends installing the zip ties so that the connectors are on the outside edge of the tires, giving you even more floor grip when you’re chancing an icy turn…

Important note: this hack does not work on regular rim brakes! The zip ties can get in the way of your brake pads, which means you’ll be even less winter-ready. This hack should only be applied to bikes with disc brakes or a coaster brake — or if you’re riding a brakeless fixie.

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Detailed instructions, courtesy of BikePortland:





See the zip tie hack in action!

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