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Winter Walking Tips | Infographic

Winter walking is not as easy as it looks. However, you don’t have to feel nervous walking out in the cold again with these helpful winter walking tips. Go ahead and take a walk in a winter wonderland!

Winter Walking | Safety Walking Tips In A Winter Wonderland

Do you like walking around when there’s snow? I don’t. It’s slippery and pretty much just unpredictable. But we have to consider the reality, there are times when you still have to go out, regardless of the pavement being covered by snow or not. Being a homesteader, you have to be prepared for anything and know how to handle winter walking a.k.a. difficult situations. Check out the very impressive infographic below from goDCgo and remember, you’re not alone in this, we’re in it together.

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Safe Walking Tips

We all know that winters in Washington, DC area can coat our sidewalks with everything from sleet and ice to snow and whatever you call that nasty gray slush churned up by cars and plows. We also know that area pedestrians need to get where they’re going regardless of the conditions. So whether you’re walking for exercise or to reach your destination, here are a few winter walking tips to heed.


Consider The Condition

When planning your route. Walk where trees offer some shelter from the wind. In nasty weather, try a shopping mall, where you can walk—and window shop—without abandoning your walking regimen.


Wear Bright Or Reflective Clothing

And stay visible. With fewer daylight hours and cloudy conditions, it’s important to put on a high-visibility outer layer.


Share The Way

Be mindful of cyclists, runners, and other trail users. Walk on the right, and listen for bells and audible warnings. Watch for icy spots!


Walk With Friends

Or in places where there are other walkers, especially in the early morning and evening hours on shorter winter days and when weather conditions are unfavorable.


Be Safe And Be Seen

Follow basic safety rules, like looking both ways before you cross a street, crossing at marked crosswalks, and walking to the right on trails and paths. Assume drivers can’t see you and proceed with caution.



Cover Your Head And Other Parts To Stay Warm

Dress in layers, and don’t forget the mittens or gloves and hat—you lose 35 percent of your body heat through your head!


Pay Extra Attention To Your Feet

Wear warm socks with room for toe wiggling. Lace up walking shoes with plenty of traction for those occasional icy patches.


Start Slowly

And take it easy. Muscles warm up as you go. Adjust your pace for the weather conditions to decrease your chances of straining a muscle or taking a fall.


Still not feeling confident doing a winter walking? Check out these top tips for walking in the winter video from The Wild Native:

Don’t let the cold force you into hibernation. As long as you check the conditions, dress for the weather, and trust in the kindness of stranger/neighbors (with shovels), you can walk safely to all your destinations and keep up your walking routine all winter long!

Are you more confident now going for a winter walking? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published on January 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.