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32 Easter Egg Designs & Ideas For Homesteaders

It’s Easter! Get some Easter egg designs & ideas to make and hide around the homestead Easter morning. You’ll love these beautiful egg ideas.

— This post is courtesy of DIY Ready (original publish date March 15, 2015) shared with permission —

Looking for Easter egg decorating ideas? If you’re looking for fun and easy Easter crafts and ideas on how to decorate Easter eggs, you’re in luck. I’ve made a list of Easter egg designs and ideas to make sure that you and your family will have a fun Easter egg hunt this year.

Easter Egg Designs & Ideas For Homesteaders

Easter is almost here. I just love all the pastel colors and Easter crafts and decorations all around. I remember as a kid all those Easter egg hunts and how we get to decorate eggs in any way that we want. It just brings back a lot of happy childhood memories.

Having a kid now, I want to share that same experience. The joy of going on an Easter egg hunt and decorating Easter eggs. It’s so fun to be a kid around Easter. But if you’re getting tired of the usual Easter egg decorating ideas, don’t fret. I’ve compiled creative Easter egg decorating ideas anyone can make.


1. Shaving Cream Easter Eggs

image via DIY Ready

Have fun mixing the colors and make these Easter eggs with shaving cream. Try not to make a mess.Click here for the instructions!


2. Mini Easter Egg Piñatas

image via Oh Happy Day

Piñatas don’t always have to be big. They can also be cute and small for Easter. Get the tutorial here.


3. Black and White Marked Eggs


All you need is a Sharpie marker and a little creativity. Give your Easter egg that modern elegance with this tutorial!


4. Moss Covered Easter Eggs

image via Cherished Bliss

Put your moss to good use and start decorating your eggs with it. See how here.


5.  Paper Napkin Decorated Easter Eggs


If you can’t paint, fake it. This really cool egg decorating idea will take your egg to a whole new level.Click here to the instructions!


6. Golden Easter Eggs


Make your Easter eggs with style by making them golden. Get the instructions here. 


7. Easter Egg Flower Vase

image via Craftberry Bush

Why just settle on decorating eggs when you can turn them into a flower vase? See how here.


8. Glitter Easter Eggs

image via The Girl Inspired

Going for a chic look this Easter? Add glitter with those pastel colors. How can you go wrong. Check the steps here!


9. Natural Brown Easter Eggs


Save paint by using brown eggs. Add some designs and you’re good to go. See them here.


10. Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

image via Jenna Burger

Make your Easter eggs as colorful as crayons with this really cool trick. Check out how it’s done here!


Want more Easter Egg Designs & Ideas? Get the rest here: 32 Creative Easter Egg Decorating Ideas Anyone Can Make

Think you’re ready to grab an egg and start decorating? Let us know which on you’ll try in the comments!

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