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54 Dollar Store Crafts For The Homestead

Dollar store crafts and ideas make excellent decor, accessories, activities, and gifts for your homestead. Check out this list of 54 dollar store crafts, then head over to your own dollar store and get crafting! I’d love to see what you come up with!

54 Amazingly Beautiful Dollar Store Crafts


1. Prism Candle Light

This prism candle light is a mason jar project that will give it a whole new life. Easily craft a few pieces of this wonderful dollar store craft and scatter them around any room and enjoy the magical star-like effect they provide when illuminated.

2. Dollar Store Craft Box Lamp

Make a lampshade out of dollar store finds. This beautiful dollar store craft box lamp makes a very beautiful and unique display in any room.

3. Anthropologie-Inspired Mirror

I love the Anthropologie aesthetic! Just take a look at this Anthropologie-inspired mirror, it’s definitely gorgeous but made with only a few easy-to-find items.

4. DIY Table Decorations

Use dollar store stockings as place setting for a DIY dinner party. I’m sure everyone will be delighted with this idea, plus it won’t cost you an arm and leg (since you’re already hosting  a big crowd).

5. Family Tree Wreath

Combine old photos of the family and a few dollar store finds to show off your family history in a fun and welcoming way. This family tree wreath is surely bound to impress!

6. DIY Fabric Flip Flops

Get a pair of dollar store sandals, fabric strips, and glue, and personalize it to your heart’s desire! This DIY fabric flip flops is a great party craft for teens.

7. Rubber Door Mat Wall Art

Who would have thought that a plain rubber doormat can be transformed into impressive wall art? I’m sure you would love spray paint even more with once you see this vintage wall art hanging on display.

8. DIY Countdown Calendar

Ignite the thrill of that one big holiday with this easy-to-make a DIY countdown calendar. Paint a dollar store plate with chalk paint, add a stand and a bow, and voila, you’ve got a wonderful decoration that you can even sell to earn some extra cash.

9. Bridesmaid’s Bouquets

Shop for your wedding at the dollar store and be happily surprised with the results! Wedding guests will have no idea that you crafted your bridesmaid’s bouquets from dollar store finds!

10. Plastic Animal Wall Hangers

Make plastic animal wall hangers from these dollar store favorites! All you have to do is find your items, nail them together on a piece of wood, and paint! Perfect dollar store crafts for girls.

11. Vintage Wooden Spoon

Make this vintage wooden spoon gift set out of dollar store crafts. Learn how this DIY-er hand-painted, sanded, and prepared this wonderful homey gift.

12. Dollar Store Spring Vase

Upgrade your table decor with this beautiful dollar store spring vase. All you need are some glasses, flowers, and spray paint!

13. DIY Pinwheel Wreath

Make a pinwheel wreath for summer with this dollar store crafts idea. It’s made from inexpensive materials but will look like a million bucks hanging from your door!

14. DIY $5 Elegant Dollar Store Centerpiece

Make a centerpiece out of dollar store finds and you’ll never regret the result. Take a hint from this DIY $5 elegant dollar store centerpiece, it’s exquisitely lovely without blowing your budget.

15. Stenciled Drop Cloth Shower Curtain Art

Stencil a sheet of drop cloth and transform it into a shower curtain for a fun and cheap kids craft project! Practice your kids’ creativity with this wonderful project.

16. Fridge {Picture} Gallery

Get creative with picture frames for these dollar store crafts. I’m sure your fridge will become the center of attention in your kitchen.

17. Dollar Store Pantry Makeover

Stay organized in the kitchen easily with the dollar store as your friend! I bet you’ll go nowhere else if you need extra containers. I think it’s also a great gift for moms since they want things organized and enjoy DIY projects too. Surprise her with a pantry re-organization on Mother’s Day, perhaps?

18. DIY Paper Lanterns

Want beautiful paper lanterns? Craft them with some art paper from the dollar store! Fold the paper in half, cut slits down the center, careful not to cut to the edges. Unfold and roll. Tape the edges, and hang!

19. Vintage Wire Shopping Cart Basket

Rustic is everywhere, but it doesn’t get more rustic than this classy vintage wire shopping cart basket. Give that empty corner of your home an elegant but functional transformation!

20. DIY Sensory Bottles

This is a learning tool both teachers and moms can make on the cheap. Easily set up these toys with glass or plastic bottles, small beads or stones, and other interesting textures or colored liquids. You and the children will have lots of fun learning together.

21. Inspired Mini Dessert Stand

Make an inspired mini dessert stand out of dollar store finds. This will make any party even more special. But don’t forget to put some fun and yummy treats in it!

22. DIY Bandana Pillows

Want to upgrade some old pillows that no longer suit your home decor? Re-purpose them by simply covering them with bandannas from the dollar store. What a great idea!

23. DIY River Rock Boot Trays

What craft can you make out of river rocks? Take a look at how this DIY-er had some fun with some river rocks, you’ll be mesmerized by her creativity and how frugal this wonderful idea can be! So, if you’re looking for a craft to spruce up your outdoor decorating, this is it.

24. Fun Cupcake Flute

Still don’t know how to serve sweets for an upcoming birthday party? Here’s an incredible idea to try: a fun cupcake flute or wine glass. Fill the base with M&Ms or other candy and top it with your best homemade cupcakes.

25. Giant Wooden Flowers

Made of recycled materials, and some wonderful dollar store embellishments. Check out your shed for materials you may have lying around! Then, you’ve got yourself a perfect craft to add some springtime blossoms to your garden fence.

26. Rose Topiary

Real flowers are most of the time costly, but with silk roses from the dollar store, not so much! Make a rose topiary out of silk roses cut from the stems and stuck into a styrofoam ball! Also, I think your special someone will be fascinated if you gave her something like this on Valentine’s Day.

27. Pin Cushion Frame

Looking for an easy, cute, and absolutely useful DIY? Then this pin cushion frame surely fits the bill. It will only cost you a few minutes of your time and a very little of your crafting budget.

28. Painted Plates Garden Art

When I first laid my eyes on this, I thought it was beautiful. When I saw that it was created from dollar store dishes, this painted plates garden art became an ingeniously creative masterpiece.

29. Plastic Stemware Patio Chandelier

Want to spruce up your patio this spring? I highly recommend this plastic stemware patio chandelier, easy to make with a just a bit of your craftiness, some stemware, and other easy to find supplies from a dollar store.

30. Fall Leaf Votives

If you can’t get enough of fall, have it the whole year round! Press some fall leaves and glue it to any dollar store container, and you got yourself a fall leaf votive that will surely give your home bright fall colors. I also think these will be great additions to the dinner table on, say, Valentine’s Day?

31. Mirror Wall Hanging

This dollar store craft was inspired by CB2 but done with dollar store mirrors at home on the cheap. What more could you ask for?

32. Shabby Chic Easter Eggs

If you want some rustic beauty for your Easter egg, this shabby chic Easter egg tutorial will give you that beautiful rustic magic. (In-store these would be $20 a pop!)

33. Dollar Store Thanksgiving Tablescape

I know it’s a bit early for Thanksgiving, but hey, nobody beats an early bird. This dollar store Thanksgiving tablescape is simply amazing. Don’t head to a dollar store yet because you might have everything in your storage: pillar candles, pumpkins, pine cones, burlap, and some colorful leaves. You can start visualizing now!

34. Customized Decorated Dollar Store Plates

What can go wrong with a wonderful customized gift? Nothing! Buy some plates from your local dollar store. Write a nice message or draw a design for a special occasion using a Sharpie and bake it at 150° in your oven for 30 minutes. You’ll see the message become permanent, and it will be a wonderful gift for that one special recipient!

35. Spring Centerpiece Dollar Store Craft

Make this gorgeous centerpiece out of finds from the dollar store. This creative idea will bring a touch of country elegance into your home that will surely become a hot topic during gatherings.

36. Wreath Dollar Store Idea

Not enough time, too little cash, but in need of an amazings wreath? No problem! This dollar store wreath will give you just what you need. A total charmer to welcome your guests.

37. Space Bath

Bathe your little boys in style! This easy craft is perfect for little boys who enjoy outer space a little too much. Enjoy crafting this with them because all you need is this magic glow in the dark goo!

38. Fabric Wall Art

You can make fabric wall art for your home with these dollar store crafts. Liven up any wall by making a few of these fabric wall art pieces all in different sizes.

39. Teacup Jewelry Storage

Use dollar store teacups to house your jewelry, trinkets, and other knick-knacks. It won’t cost much yet it will add some flawless elegance to any room.  I think this is one of many great ideas for Valentine’s Day crafts, or even a baby or bridal shower

40. Pantry Organizing Ideas From Dollar Store Crafts

Take a hint from this pantry organizing idea that will stretch your dollar! All the decorating and organizing will be worth all your effort because it won’t cost you an arm and leg.

41. DIY Dollar Tree Care Package

Personalize details for that one special gift from the dollar store. How can your recipient say no to a gift basket of all her favorite things?

42. Spray Painted Doily Canvas

You can make these awesome lace doily wall hangings on the cheap. You’ve just found the perfect decor for your girl’s bedroom.

43. Cover Drawers With Dollar Store Shelf Liner

Organize your space with style and decorate your drawers with a shelf liner from the dollar store! A must-do project to spruce up your personal space.

44. DIY Chandelier

A chandelier is a wonderful ceiling embellishment but it can be very costly. Well, not anymore, because you can DIY your very own chandelier with dollar store items. It’s practically effortless!

45. Plastic Elephant Book Ends

Create your own book ends with just a fraction of the cost. All you need is a lovable accessory (plastic elephant), spray paint, wood glue, and some wood blocks.

46. DIY Serving Tray

A gorgeous tray for your drinks can easily cost you at least $50. Who would want to throw away that kind of money if you can make a wonderful serving tray for less than $5? Take a look at what this wonderful blogger did, she made one using a place mat and a frame from the dollar store.

47. DIY Jewelry Stand

I would say this DIY treat or jewelry stand is the easiest of all dollar store crafts. You just simply glue together some candlesticks and plates, top it off with a beautiful colored bowl, and you’ve got yourself a party-ready treat stand. This can also double as jewelry or makeup organizer. A sure winner indeed!

48. DIY Starburst Mirror

A starburst mirror provides a touch of classic elegance to any room, but looking at the price tag of one could break your heart. Luckily, this amazing DIY-er made this for just $10 with gold spray paint, bamboo skewers, a glue gun, and a round mirror.

49. Mirror Boxes

Creating adorable mirror boxes is easy as it sounds. Get some mirror squares from a dollar store, and then simply glue them together. You use them as jewelry holders, vases, or bathroom trinket organizers.

50. Dollar Store Trash Can Makeover

Purchasing supplies from the dollar store definitely saves you a bit of your hard-earned cash, but you certainly don’t want your lovely home to look like it’s all for a dollar. This dollar store trash can makeover will give your trash can such a chic makeover, no one will ever know it cost pennies!

51. Candle Lampshade Craft

Your table will always have that chic, cheery feel with this candle lampshade craft. Simply re-purpose a couple of wine glasses into this adorable votive.

52. Picture Frame Terrarium

Get some inexpensive frames, and transform them into a lovely terrarium that you can fill with your favorite houseplants.

53. No Sew Drop Cloth Curtains

Need a new set of curtains but don’t want to drop a huge amount of dough? No worries! All you have to do is get some drop cloths from your local dollar store, hang them from drapery ring clips, and voilaBrand-new curtains in less than 5 minutes and no sewing skills needed.

54. Magnetic Memo Boards

Can you believe this adorable magnetic memo board was made from a metal burner cover from the dollar store? Jazzed up with some beautiful patterned paper and spray paint, it’s the great way to keep you organized in your home office.


Got time for one more? Check out more dollar store crafts from mycraftingchannelonline:

These were 54 dollar store crafts – but it doesn’t end here! There is an endless number of crafts you can make and things you can do from finds at the dollar store, from the thrift store, and the craft supplies just laying around the homestead! Get creative, and have some fun! A gift made with love is the best kind of gift – no matter how little it cost you to make. I’d love to see what you were able to come up with, feel free to share photos in the comments below.

Will dollar store crafts will you make for your homestead? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May 2017 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.